Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Twitter Mashup!

After having such a connected holiday I really wanted to express the power of the links we have made, so I tweeted for people to send me a photo of themselves at the computer. The above mashup comes from Thanks for the contributions and I can always add more if you want to tweet me a location. The network keeps growing!


Jo McLeay said...

Hi Sue, thanks for blogging it. What a great way to celebrated a connected twittering holiday.

Anne said...

Hi Sue just thought I would drop in when I noticed that Jo had twittered about you. I love Rock you. We got our students to have a bit of fun at the end of the year by using Rock you to create some Christmas greetings. Thanks for reminding me.

murch said...

She totally rocks!!! And so does twitter. Hope we get even more on board this rock machine. It is great getting to know you all over the holidays.

diane said...


My daughter wanted to know why there was no caption under my picture.

I told her that I probably leave you speechless!

How about a twitku:

tweet/is to com/plete

Rash Kath said...

Today, I received a mail ,sue is following you on Twitter and I got a chance to read this post. Wow ! What a great twitter friend.
Thanks Sue.
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I would be glad to see you there too.