Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The teachers are really sitting in the desks in front of me

So here I am sitting reading blogs that my year eight students are doing and one - Penny- happens to mention she has done some videos and posted them on Youtube. Ok, Lets have a look and there they are - a whole series of 'Vegetable Patch' shorts that are gradually more and more skilled and technically amazing.This one is the Christmas Edition and she is apparently working on a new series with limpets. She is such a talent- she should be teaching the class and I think that I will suggest it to her if she is interested. Please go and have a look at what she is doing - she is pigeonsrcool - well I think young Penny at 14 years old is already very very cool.Go Penny!!!

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loonyhiker said...

I went and watched all the episodes. They were great. I don't even know how to do all of that! I subscribed to her videos on youtube so I can see any new ones that come out. You are right that she is so talented!