Sunday, 22 June 2008

Bags Are Packed.

Sitting here in a contemplative mood watching the rain, both daughters at home and my bags packed. Tomorrow morning I leave to go to NECC. For me, traveling half way round the world to go to a computer conference would have been laughable a year ago, and a year ago I didn't have a blog so it is kind of reflective of the changes in my life and my professional awareness that tomorrow it is a year since I started my blog.DADA!!!
To list the changes would be very boring here- suffice to say that little in my life is the same and I feel better about the future of teaching than I have for a long time. I have met the most fascinating and dedicated people,found new knowledge and have a new perspective on my fellow staff.
So what am I expecting from NECC? The meeting with the fellow travelers from Australia and then some of our New Zealand friends is a huge part of this. The travel, the exposure to a broad support network for all the things I want to do know is important too. The actual conference is a big unknown as I have heard so much about it and how big it is. The range of presentations, both educational and commercial will be huge, probably overwhelming but also so exciting. The chance to step back from the everyday craziness and actually focus on what I am so fascinated by will be wonderful.
So my bags are packed with hope and expectations and excitement.. let the fun begin!!


jenny said...

I'm so envious Sue - soak it all up and have a wonderful time. Hope it is everything you want it to be and more.

Jenny Luca.

3GK blog said...

What a great blog-birthday present to give yourself Sue! All that learning is going to be amazing - what a ride you'll have. Like Jenny, I'm envious but also excited for you and the other OzNZ educators going to NECC. have a great time.

Lisa said...

Totally Impressed that your bags are packed I am just about to start. Can't wait to meet you and am looking forward to learning with you!!

Sue Waters said...

Have an excellent time Sue and enjoy every moment. Visiting different countries and interacting with other bloggers (especially meeting them all f2f) is a great opportunity to be enjoyed. Looking forward to seeing all the photos etc online. Please let us know the common tag you all will be using -- perhaps I could create a feed page to bring it together for you all?

diane said...

My husband and I leave a week from today to travel from upstate New York to San Antonio.

I've never been to NECC before; my blog is just over a year old, I'm a digital tourist, crazy-excited to be meeting my virtual friends face to face.

It's all about the people for me. The actual conferences/workshops will be just gravy!

Moturoa said...

I hope you realise that you are taking those who can't attend with you in spirit.

Enjoy and keep safe.

Bon Voyage

Allanah K

Pamelarvo said...

I came home from shopping at Safeway and turned on Twitter fully expecting you to be there giving us an update. Oh well, a tad optimistic but will keep checking. Am thinking of you intermitently. Hard to imagine you pre your new self and that the present you has only been with us 12 months. but then you've always been an innovator in some form or another.Love pamelaj

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time, Sue. Look forward to hearing all about your wonderful experiences. Safe travelling and keep us up to date.

Mr Harrington said...

I hope that those bags have moved on by now :-) I am looking forward to meeting up with the Aussie group in particular at NECC as the welsh aussie!!!! Keep me a seat at the best show in town :-)