Monday, 28 July 2008

Podcast No1 All about Blogging By the students!! Here is the link for my first podcast . I interviewed my year 8 class last term in a lesson where the class was working in groups and asked them some questions about our blogging. They have now been blogging for a semester and I am so impressed by their comments. When I feel discouraged about creating change, this is a lovely place to come as they make it all worthwhile.


mrsdurff said...

8th graders are the same on this side of the world too - ain't they great!

Paul Allison said...

We want to connect with you! I was inspired by this podcast. Thanks for talking to your students about their blogging. We’ve got to figure out our difference in seasons — in school schedules — but I hope to get my students to comment on your students blogs. Where exactly do we connect to your student's blogs?

ajep said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! Very useful for those considering blogging, podcasting, etc. Refreshing to hear the student's opinions and reflections. Please thank your students as well.
Andrew J

Pamelarvo said...

Hey Sue
This podcast was so interesting to listen to. Wonderful to read the comments by Anne Baird at
Your talents and inspirational skills are being recognized beyond the boundaries of our little world in the hills.