Friday, 14 November 2008

New ways New forms

After a period of feeling very lost about what I am doing, it is good to find something to get interested in and see a real opportunity for promoting change. My current project is to create a wiki for use with teachers when I attempt to do training with them. When I set up a Google reader with them, what I need is a list of blogs by teachers in their subject area that they can turn to to read. So I have decided to create a wiki of teacher blogs by subject and at the moment by tweeting and plurking I have made a start. However the responses have been few and far between. Is this really something which hasn't been done before ? Why not? It seems to me the most logical way to get a high school teacher reading blogs is to link them to someone who writes about what they are dealing with everyday in the integration of technology, and for those who constantly claim they 'don't have the time' this could be much more directed reading. As a part of this whole attempt to get more staff involved I have also started Techo-Thursday - based on the idea of Anne Murchison and Jess McCullough of Walk-In-Wednesday. I have been trying this for two weeks and I hope that as part of the PLP project that this will become part of the culture. My wiki is designed to complement this, with a strong emphasis on Australian teachers. So as I grind slowly on to the end of the year, I take comfort in the new ISTE magazine which arrived today and talked about the value of coffee culture to provide good ICT training for staff. Yes I hope that I can capture staff and engage them with the information that is timely and relevant. So if you are reading this and have a suggestion or want to see where I am up to with the wiki, please check the wiki and add yourself or someone who is a high school teacher and add them. Thanks


darrel said...

Hi Sue, is a good starting point. I know it's not organised by learning area but it is a great list.

Anonymous said...

Sue, I can't help you yet, but I had to drop in and say, this is just what I've been thinking about. I thought if I could get hooked, teachers would also get hooked if I gave them blogs of other teachers who shared their concerns, they would want to network. I'll definitely keep an eye out for Aussie teacher blogs. Great idea.