Sunday, 20 February 2011

Google My Maps- helping me find a way

The first few weeks have been quite fun adjusting to my old school and seeing the changes of the last year through a different point of view. So many time I have great ideas and get started with planning a task or work activity then I realise that access to computers will be a problem and also that the netbooks don't accurately work with some of my fave software. So I stop, shake my head and wonder how I can manage this. The frustration level is there but I just have to manage - knowing that there aren't going to be more computers and that this is it- a trolley of sixteen small netbooks that are slow to load and not functional with large screen programmes and twenty six kids in my class.
Thank goodness for twitter and my PLN - I am making myself keep thinking of alternate ways and Jenny Luca has posted this great suggestion about using Google My Maps.

Thanks Jenny. I feel a bit lost in the woods at the moment but this kind of great sharing and inspiration gets me out of my fog. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

So pleased you found my post useful Sue. It's so much easier now to embed content in Google Maps. I tried to do it two years or so ago and it was really tricky. The kids are flying with it. Hope yours do too.
Jenny : )