Saturday, 1 September 2007

Blog Review No.1 Teachers Improving Learning Through Technology is Teachers Improving Learning Through Technology - a blog produced by an absolute whiz called Danny Maas.Not only does he produce downloadable presentations which explain how to do a huge range of different activities , he also has the links necessary and even the rubrics on the site as well. I am going to use the one about Multimedia storybooks in Powerpoint. It is a really practical presentation for Year 7 classes but the basic idea gives me some ideas and I am thinking about using Desktop Author as the media for this work. Some of the other presentations are excellent and although they seem to be more focussed on junior classes, they are great as a starting point for people who want to have things explained easily.Well I have left a message for Danny and I hope that he gets some new readers as he is doing a terrific job!

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