Saturday, 15 September 2007

My first Voice Thread

Thanks to Clarence Fisher for the great idea of how to use this programme. He has a lovely voicethread on his site about winter in Snow Lake and it has been so nice to hear the voices of people whose blogs I read. I have talked about my classroom, the space I spend so much of my life in and how I have gradually built up the space so now, in a huge school of 1200 + students, I have the use of this room and in fact it is often shown to visitors. I didn't have that as the intention- I guess I have always followed my gut instinct that asking kids to write beautiful creative work in a sterile dull environment was crazy, so I try to make the room interesting and stimulating and displays are changed regularly.It also gives the kids a buzz seeing their work on display - something that often hasn't happened since primary school. They also respect the room and very little damage or graffiti happens here. What would be great is to see how other people use their space and in particular high school classrooms.Well anyway I would love to hear from others on my voicethread -so comment away and perhaps a few more of you can show and tell about our work spaces!!

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Jo McLeay said...

This is great Sue. Thanks for doing that. Isn't voicethread great? What I like about your is that it gives me ideas about ways I can improve my own classroom.