Saturday, 2 August 2008

Inspiration for When the Well Runs Dry

So when I started blogging I guess I was hoping that this would be a focus to me thinking more deeply about what I am doing in this job which I have defined myself by for nearly thirty years. Maybe I could put some great ideas on the blog in the hope that they would not slip to the sides like papers on my desk do when the day to day rush of what I do. Maybe I could experiment with software, maybe it would be the ubiquitous 'sandpit' that many bloggers write about.
Only occasionally though has my brain been lit up as it was by this talk which I found from the Constructing Modern Knowledge blog. It is a talk by Dave Egger who won the prize for 2008 from the TED organization- a source of great ideas and reflection. His development of a programme for students needing language support. It is simply inspiring and I hope that some day I can show it to parents at school and some retired staff and maybe we could do something like this. An idea has to start somewhere- this man is a visionary.

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murcha said...

Hey Sue, talk about being on the job, what was the worst job you have done, which ironically prepared you for teaching. @dmcordell tagged me with this meme and so I am tagging you. See for details!!