Monday, 18 August 2008

Thanks Dave Truss -a cure for Monday-itis

Brave New World-Wide-Web
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It was a Monday and I had just had a double with my very demanding Year 9 class writing resumes and job application letters. My cat had come home to die and the thought of how much work I had to do and the constant sense that to create change in my school that is a wet, muddy building site filled with litter and kids who would rather be home in bed, would be akin to moving a mountain.
So, in the middle of my bout of Monday-itis, I turned on twitter and Dave Truss tweeted about a slideshare that was about not going quietly into your class. Take a look and there it is - a fabulous presentation that lifts my spirits and talks about how change must happen. Great work Dave and thank you.


jenny said...

Brilliant! Thanks for pointing me to this Sue. just what I needed to lift my spirits. Thanks to you and David.

Pamelarvo said...

Yup I see what you mean - inspirational stuff. It sure was a cold pooie day so I hope this helped with your year 9's. So your cat came home? you will be able to bury him under the cherry tree which will be some comfort to you all.

etalbert said...

Thanks for reminding me about this great presentation.
I enjoy following you and all the OZ/NZ twitterati each day. Lots of great things happening as a result of your collective efforts in this big country.


Gabriela Sellart said...

Hi Sue, I also love this presentation. And I think it touches us because Dave is a teacher, like us, and we all know what it is like to go on in spite of faulty infrastructures and indifferent students and personal sadness and...and... And still we go on, we are happy while we learn and share.

Sorry about your cat, I've got one who's getting old. I sometimes try to imitate her, seldom succeed. I'd love to be able to make myself always comfortable, search for the sun to lie in, look for somebody else's warmth. And most of all, stretch my back the way she does.

No need to move mountains, just go on gardening.

Pam Thompson said...

Great slideshow Sue. Thanks for sharing - it reminds us why we do what we do - or at least try to.