Monday, 11 May 2009

Unnamed 05/11/2009

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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Long Time Gone

Hello blog! This is just a short hello to let you know I still think of you and have often pondered whether my thoughts are worthy of a post. I haven't written for a long time for a number of reasons: laziness perhaps is the first- so many other things have moved up the list that demand my time. The terrible fires and summer we have had in Victoria have distracted me and made me feel that most of what I would say would be so trite and trivial that is is best not said so I tweet and try and keep up with what has become at times a deafening torrent where once it was just a river that I loved.Frustration has been another thing that has made me hold back. After the excitement of the last year - to be sitting at school dealing with a half speed network and a staff that is not remotely interested listening- if I was given time to speak to them because they are so frustrated with our new network and the continual issues of kids with no money for internet.

The same dull and hopeless things that were stopping change have not moved at all- but I have and for such a long time my thought have been governed by the idea that it is best not to write negatively on my blog. Well, I am feeling so tired of trying- I don't know how people who have been trying to create change have managed to keep going for so long- I am such a woos for getting down after such a short time. The PLP project we are doing is stuck in this dreadful inertia - we need the staff to do the Epotential test online and hardly any have done it. We have started a wiki for staff training but no time slots have been allocated to the team during staff training sessions.Therefore we are not going to have a project that is adequate ready for presentation in time. What can be done? Life keeps crowding my focus and it seems so hard to find a way in for change. Sorry blog - had to rant somewhere hope my next post is more positive!