Saturday, 10 May 2008

My Very First Podcast !!!!

A week ago Lisa Parisi tweeted that Kevin Honeycutt was trying Yakpak and needed a few people to come in and test levels. So cos I love new stuff, I clicked the link and chatted with Lisa and Kevin and found out about the fascinating work he is doing. So last night after a really difficult day at school I was trying to organise a meeting when I saw Kevin was online so I sent him a tweet and showed my friend Pam what I was doing. We chatted for awhile and Kevin also had a web developer online and Kevin asked if he could record our conversation. It was after midnight in America and Kevin was tired and Pam and I were exhausted after a tough week at school, but we went ahead and did a show. It was challenging and extremely stimulating to exchange ideas across the world and I was so excited as was Pam who had never spoken in a conference call before. So here is the link and thanks to Kevin for his great work.Kevin's driving question was 'Are we really qualified to teach today's kids?' I would love some comments about the content!

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Camilla Elliott said...

Hello Sue
Saw your twitter comment about looking for permission letters to parents. Try this link
Camilla Elliott