Sunday, 4 May 2008

NECC here we come

Ok I have been fiddling more and found how to export videos so here is one using the editing programme that comes with the flip video - apologies


keamac said...

Thanks for sharing you movie it's neat to see what the Flip Video can do. I'm lucky enough to be getting one for Mother's Day (My husband bid for one on Trade Me - NZ equivalent of ebay - and was the final bid) so I will be interested to see what you discover as you play with it. I'll be sure to share what I discover as well once I have my own one. Aren't they just the cutest?

GailD said...


I am hoping your title "NECC here we come" means you'll be joining us in San Antonio!

Gail (gailhd on Twitter)

helenotway said...

Hey Sue,
Great footage. I love what this camera can do. Very tempted to get one myself soo.
Looking forward to seeing some of the images from out blogger's feast too.