Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Flip Video Arrives!!

After much dithering and reading of reviews, last weekend I took the plunge and ordered a Flip Video from Ebay. It was a bit of a risk but we don't have a video camera and it offered one hour's filming and 2G of memory- so I was very hopeful that it would be useful and user friendly. Well, one week later the package which I was able to track online - thank you US postal service(what does Australia post offer I wonder?) and I have it in my hot little hand. Easy to assemble -just open and insert batteries that were included, turn on and film!!
It was as easy as that!. The sound quality I am still looking at - there is no mic input jack so you have to use the camera mic, but the picture quality is as you see below untouched. It does come with its own editing package which I will have a play with, but the above is shot- with no technique at all- sorry- in the main street of a local village that is very popular with the tourists. To download onto the computer you 'flip' out the USB plug and connect. I had a problem because my network cord was in the way , so I used my new 'Hubby hub' and it recognised it and setup in a minute. The movies were short and downloaded quickly, but they are taking a while to upload to the blog- my upload speed is very slow anyway. So there you have it- I am the possesor of a new pink- pink was cheaper OK?- flip video and will start using it in class as much as possible. The manual does not say whether I can use re-chargeable batteries so I will have to tweet about that one.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sue I was green with envy when I found out you already had your flip video. I ordered mine on Tuesday, so still cant wait until it comes. Anyway, maybe I am glad now, as I am quite happy to learn from your experiences. @shaggyhill has one and so does one of the principals in NZ (if you need his contact name, let me know) for any more advice.

Pat Wagner said...

So where was the video that that you promised, Sue? Looks like you'll be having loads of fun. I have a Casio Exilim and love it, as it takes about half an hour of video as an easy-to-use avi file, has good audio and is tiny.