Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Australian twit list !!

Well., it had to happen. we had lists of bloggers by region and blogrolls. Now somebody @andrewsayers has constructed what is a basic list of Australian Twits. It is done by state and seems like quite a good effort on the surface, but a quick comparison with some of the key voices in my network and who he actually lists shows lots of gaps. The idea is great and as we are continually getting new followers or having to recommend people to follow to new tweeters, a list based on interests would be a great idea. Perhaps this can be done by a wiki or through our Diigo group? Andrew has started me thinking about how we use the network to create the network and strengthen it. Should we be constructing a more detailed one with people who are available to mentor on particular topics or is that trying to formalise the randomness and excitement that is twitter for something more constructed? What do you think?


Pat Wagner said...

Great idea. Please add @PatrickGWagner for QLD.

John Larkin said...




John (NSW)