Thursday, 3 April 2008

More of Diigo - beginning steps to becoming a Diigo star!

Ok So here is the story so far. I have a diigo account and a account and I have started Oz Educators as a group on Diigo and we now have 31 members which is really exciting. So today after reading a huge thread of discussion about Diigo, I thought I would try to explore some of the more complex ie non-newb bits. So I found the tools section and put a 'save to diigo' tag on my blog and inserted the diigolet on my bookmarks toolbar so I can either use the main diigo toolbar or the shortcut.So far - all good!
Then I connected all my diigo bookmarks to my feed so they all go in there. That worked too! Then feeling very techy I also did a feed of my Diigo to the sidebar of my blog- nice,looks good, works well. The girl is happy.
Last thing the biggy - I imported all my delicious bookmarks across to Diigo. Took a while but finally I got the email saying job done- yippee. Ok, now I sound like the newb I am because I do find some of the terminology and the technicals about feeds and trackback etc a bit tricky, but if I can't do it how on earth am I ever going to teach it to others?
Anyway there I am happily clicking around my diigo page and my blog, looking at my new tag clouds - I added the delicious one too- and thinking 'wow this is really amazing - now all I need is another month of holidays to read all this stuff!'
Then I start playing with the diigo toolbar - nice ,easy, that makes sense and come across to the sidebar tab. Lordy lordy- I can see a whole lot more information- friends tweets and bookmarks and activities all in the one place. Fabulous- I am in information overload again.
So little MS nerd is happy and all the things I saw on the various screencasts and presentations listed in my previous post, make sense- thanks my PLN! But I do have one little question- how do I send out a notification to all members of my group ? Do I have to make a contact list of their addresses or is there a quick way? Some of them are not in my friends list yet so it might involve a long search. Any clues? Till my next diigo bulletin Bye.

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Sue Waters said...

First I want to say I love the photo-- so cool and shows a different part of your personality. Now I'm pleased to announce that you are in charge of diigo geekness and we expect a lot from you :) so look forward to hearing the latest updates.

News on the diigo front for me still no good. The toolbar isn't happy with cocomment and iGoogle but the good news is both companies are looking into why. Will let you know how it goes :)

So at this stage this makes you the greater geek :)

Sue Waters
Mobile Technology in TAFE