Sunday, 6 April 2008

Visual poetry -Dianne's great idea

Thanks Dianne Cordell for posting such a great idea . This will be fun to try with Animoto or Rockyou as well as Slide. I will get my year 8 bloggers to have a play. Dianne also suggests that a search in Flickr creative commons under poetry will provide some great images. Thanks Dianne and also Carolynn Foote - sorry missed this first time!


diane said...


What a lovely job you did! However the posting you link to is from my friend and fellow teacher/librarian Carolyn Foote, at technolibrary.

I love Animoto and have just gotten an educator's account there. My own "contribution" to visual poetry is twitku or tiny poems.


Carolyn Foote said...


Glad you liked the idea :)

I think we can really tap into something creative when we mix images and words.

If your students are using twitter, have them check out Diane's twitku (also posted on Higher Edison blog)!

Thanks Diane :)

Pamelarvo said...

thanks sue- loved this and posted one on my underused blog site