Friday, 31 October 2008

Thanks Blogger NOT!!!

I have just spent a really frustrating hour trying to remove a part of my blog which has appeared recently, BUT WHICH I DID NOT ASK TO HAVE ADDED!!!!! What is going on Blogger?? I have searched the layout and help section, looked at post settings and nothing I have marked has given permission for the ridiculous recommendations and star rating section which now appears after each post.
I do not want my readers to rate my posts, they can read them or not, comment or not - that is their choice, but no star ratings THANK YOU.If I wanted to have ratings I would go on talent show. Also I do not want people referred to the rubbish that you are putting in the recommendations section!!
I take this seriously and I do not appreciate what you little un requested addition says about my blog
So I went to the Twitterverse and was referred to where I did find the boxes but not ticked. Ok so this is a rant- but seriously- I don't want ads on my blog and I don't want these ridiculous extras. So blogger let me know what is happening and improve your game. I have been a very happy camper up till now but such a simple fix is really making me angry. Please FIX IT !!!

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