Sunday, 19 August 2007

Connected Classroom and Dylan!

Ok this one is via the digital chalkie wiki of videos and some of it is a bit dated but still a good conversation starter when people come and ask me about what I am doing, so in it goes. It seems that is taking more of my time - talking about what web 2.0 means to me and that is great as it makes me clarify my ideas. Went to the Pixar exhibition today and came away so inspired - might dust off the materials I have on claymation and think about that and I will definitely do some work on digital storytelling with both year 8s and 9s. Maybe we can do a digital Tall story!!! Also went to Bob Dylan on Friday night and it was a fabulous concert Was our twentieth anniversary present to ourselves- oh how ironic but still a sweet note to end on. I sat there taking photos on my phone sending them to Jo who couldn't come and getting photos to keep for myself. Felt very digital native for a while there and we realised we should have recorded it on the ipod. What a change since our last Dylan in 1986!
On Friday I announced that I would be doing some e-whiteboard work if anyone was interested and seven people came on a Friday arvo when we had a function on as well! So that was promising and Euan is now going to start offering IT training more often so that should be great.What else - well I am also looking at a site called 'We are teachers imagine' which is looking at providing a platform for teachers. It all seems to be growing so fast that it must be so pleasing for those who have worked at this since the start and tried to promote the web.Yay you guys - we are reaping the benefits of your persistence!

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