Tuesday, 14 August 2007

E-learning rocks

Have just returned from a day inservice on designing the schools E-learning plan at Glen Waverley Sec College. While they are in a unique position in so many ways they are also struggling to make the most of limited resources and provide a rich curriculum. We had a tour of all their areas and what they are doing is outstanding and a credit to them.The Intranet they have developed has answered many of the issues which we have about record keeping but doesn't cover some of the issues which Studywiz does address. Got to meet lots of interesting IT people from different schools. The Balwyn High School PD plan does seem to be excellent approaching the issue of getting staff on board from a very practical way and I would like to get a copy of what was presented. The physical aspects of the school were really wonderful -so many aspects of what a learning community can be! How all this will translate this back into what happens at school will be interesting, but I did enjoy being part of the process and the discussion. I also met Lorraine who was the winner of Teacher of the Year the year I was Runner up and we talked about what she did with her prize. She went to the USA and visited a school doing environmental education. She is still at Whittlesea Sec College and has applied what she learnt over there so it sounds like a place to visit and catch up with her more. Soo.... a stimulating day!!!

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