Sunday, 5 August 2007

Sunday, sunday

Well this week has been full of things I have done the second week of the Spalding WRAP course and that has been challenging trying to learn the syllables for teaching or re-teaching reading and handwriting. It is all hard to absorb when my brain is so preoccupied with what I am reading at night on these blogs and where they are leading me. We had an inservice about teaching thinking and then I had a moment to show Greg what I was fiddling with which was good. I am also trying to learn how to use the electric whiteboard and get others excited about it so it gets used. We also had an external review of the Leading Schools project which focussed my mind more on what the project can be. As well as all this and teaching my five classes, we went to Brighton Sec College to see their Year 9 learning centre and Matt, Debbie Marty, Emily and I had lots to discuss on the way home! No wonder I am feeling a bit brain dead when I read all that is happening. The thing is that it all seems to flow in the same direction and makes me have to really sort through all my ideas.The things that I need to note are studywiz which we are having a trial of this week. It is being used at a number of Victorian Govt School so it may work with Cases. Ok so what has been good in class this week? Well using the whiteboard to take notes on the students Soapbox issues, getting them to take photos for Cedar B. Hartley work on items out of place in Nature, getting year 9s to write letters for jobs and then do Epals and do photos for motivational posters and the reading of Freedom of the City in Year 11 - kids getting really fired up- and starting R&J with the boys in Year 10. Another thing which is tickling my brain is the presentation about optimism which the speaker from Geelong Grammar made at our inservice day. Very thought provoking. I hope that writing my thoughts down -which is always such a struggle for me -will help me record the things I need to develop and improve more effectively

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